Tamarac Land Surveying, LLC - Timely, Professional Land Surveying Services
Tamarac Land Surveying, LLC is a full-service land surveying company. We utilize GPS technology along with conventional surveying methods to meet our clients' land surveying needs in a professional and cost-effective manner. Our primary land surveying related services in North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin include:
Boundary Surveys
Subdivision Surveys/Plats
Farmstead Surveys
Topographic Surveys
Boundary Dispute Resolutions
ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys                
Control Surveys
Construction Surveys
Building Layout                               
As-built Surveys
GIS Data Acquisition
Elevation Certificates
F.E.M.A. Certificates
Land Planning and Consulting
If you are unsure of what you need, contact us. Numerous variables are considered in any estimate given to start and complete a project such as:
• desired services (type of survey)
• record availablity (availability of Public Land Survey System monuments - section and quarter corners, previous survey work done in the area)
• quality of survey work previously done
• size and shape of the property
• terrain of the project
• your timeframe
• time of year
• boundary evidence available
• local knowledge of the property
• existing boundary disputes
• requirements of Lenders or Governmental Agencies
Each project is unique and due to these variables, it is difficult to determine exact fees. Based on general experience, knowledge of the area and the requirements for the work, the Land Surveyor can furnish an approximate estimate of the cost to complete your project.